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About Us

The Rockcastle Resort Property.


The Rockcastle Shooting Center is just one of the anchors of the Rockcastle Resort Property, also known as Park Mammoth Resort.

The Rockcastle Resort property includes the Rockcastle Shooting Center, the 100 guest room Lodge and Conference Center, The Lookout Restaurant, the 18-hole USGA Cave Valley Golf Club and the Cave Valley Winery, home of Winchester Wines.


With 2000 acres of outdoor adventure, and a miriad of amenities to add to your experience, the "Rock" isn't just an average run-of-the-mill shooting range.

The Rockcastle Shooting Center began as a quest to build the most comprehensive shooting sports destination in the world.  Currently in its fifth year of business, the "Rock" has become one of the premier shooting destinations in the world.


The Rockcastle Shooting Center plays host to an average of more than 50 shooting competitions per year, spanning several disciplines of shooting, including precision rifle, pistol, 3 gun, IPSC, USPSA, Cowboy Action (S.A.S.S.) , 3D archery, sporting clays, and more.


The Rockcastle Shooting Center has become a premier destination for research and development for the firearms industry, as well as the perfect location for corporate meetings, team building workshops, customer entertainment trips, and good old fashioned boondoggles.


With a growing list of firearms and education programs, from the most beginner level to the most advanced, The Rockcastle Shooting Center is becoming one of the best places on the planet to train with firearms.  We offer a broad range of courses and land availability for firearms training for every day shooters, new shooters, women, youth, concealed carry classes, and for law enforcement and military units from all over the globe.

It's Not Just a Range, It's an Adventure.


With a huge variety of shooting opportunities, shooting clubs and competitions, and a full menu of firearms training and education classes, the Rockcastle Shooting Center is as close to perfect as it gets for a firearms enthusiast. 


If your company is looking for a place to entertain a customer, have a sales meeting, or a great place to do some killer Research and Development on your product offering, the Rockcastle Shooting Center can make it happen.


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