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R.A.M. Shooting Solutions, LLC at Rockcastle

MSG Richard A. (Andy) Marchal, (US Army SF Ret.), owner-operator



  • The R.A.M. Shooting Solutions, LLC mission is to provide a safe, relevant, educational, and fun firearms training environment for civilian, law enforcement, and military personnel.

  • Born April 14, 1961 at Shaw Air Force Base near Sumter, SC.  Raised in Charleston, West Virginia.  Played college football at Glenville State College in West Virginia earning all-conference honors.

  • Joined the Army in 1986 as a Calvary Scout.

  • As a Calvary Scout, served in the Army’s 2nd Armor Division until 1989 when he was selected for Special Forces training at Fort Bragg, NC.   

  • Earned the coveted Green Beret and began his Special Operations career, ultimately serving 16 straight years on an A team in 5th Special Forces Group (Airborne) at Fort Campbell, KY.   

  • Served six combat tours in four different conflicts in the Central Command area of responsibility, including:  Desert Storm (Nov. 1990 – April 1991), Somalia (Sep. 1993 – Jan. 1994), Afghanistan (Oct. 2001 – Dec. 2001), Iraq (Mar. 2003 – May 2003), Iraq (Feb. 2004 – Jul. 2004), Iraq (Jul. 2005 – Feb. 2006). 

  • Notably, Andy was involved in decisive combat operations in Desert Storm helping lead the Pan Arab Divisions Spear Tip main effort into Kuwait.   

  • After the attacks on 9-11, Andy along with his Detachment linked up with Northern Alliance guerillas, conducting decisive combat operations against entrenched Al Qaeda and Taliban forces in the Suf and Balkh River Valleys enroute to the capture of Mazar E Sharif, Afghanistan.  This historical event in US history was later recounted in the non-fiction book titled, “Horse Soldiers”.  The author Doug Stanton used the pseudonym “Sam Diller” for Andy in his book.  The "Horse Soldiers" book was eventually made into the movie "12 Strong."

  • Involved in classified US operations from 1996 thru 1999 in support of the US objectives in the Middle East and East Africa.  

  • Between operations,  Andy developed a rifle shooting program, portions of which have been adopted by the trainers at Fort Knox, KY and ultimately led to a change in the US Army’s rifle qualification program.

  • Andy’s experience and reputation as a winner led to his team being chosen to infiltrate Iraq in March 2003 ahead of all other ground forces, in support of the US Army’s 3rd Infantry Division’s successful attach into Central Iraq.  

  • Led two A Teams in consecutive tours in Al Anbar province of Iraq, both of which were critical to the successful co-option of Iraqi tribesman before and during the US military’s surge operations.  These actions culminated into what is now called “Al Anbar Awakening”.

  • Retired as a Master Sergeant in Dec. 2006.  

  • Fluent in conversational Arabic and a subject matter expert in Arab culture.  

  • Awards include 4 Bronze Stars for meritorious service; One for Desert Storm, one for Somalia, and two for actions in Iraq.  Andy had also been awarded one Bronze Star with V for valorous actions in Afghanistan.  

  • Other awards include two Army Commendation Medals for combat actions in Somalia and Iraq as well as Legion of Merit for volume of work during his career.

  • After retirement, worked as a firearms instructor and range manager for the 5th Special Forces Group at Range 51.  

  • Andy taught individual shooting skills, consisting of precision and tactical rifle marksmanship, as well as combat pistol marksmanship.  Andy’s efforts resulted in 100% of the students trained, qualifying for and graduating from the Special Forces most demanding shooting programs.

  • Concurrently, Andy began competing in cowboy action shooting. Andy mastered the use of old west style firearms, winning multiple state and regional championships. Wins include: the 2008, 2009, and 2010 West Virginia State Black Powder Championship. The Gunfight in Dixie, Memphis, TN Championship, and the hotly contested KY/TN Smoke Out in the Hills, State Black Powder Shoot Out, as well as many others. All of the wins were in the Frontiersman Category. He also competed in other disciplines in unsanctioned events.

  • Andy began R.A.M. Shooting Solutions, LLC in March 2011. The company’s mission is to provide a safe, relevant, educational, and fun firearms training environment for civilian, law enforcement, and military personnel. R.A.M. Shooting Solutions, LLC courses include:

    • Weapons Retention In Close Fighting

    • Tactics To Survive a Gun Fight

    • Fast Accurate Shooting Solutions

    • Indirect Fire Systems (Mortars) Military ONLY

  • Non-kinetic courses include instructional training on insurgency and counter insurgency. This course is a how-to on modeling at strategic and operational level in order to produce a course of action that will be successful against an asymmetric opponent.  R.A.M. Shooting Solutions, LLC can offer these courses based upon the unique experiences of its owner, Andy Marchal and those of his associates and colleagues. The company will also build a training program based on the stated requirements of each client.



Andy Marchal’s Formal Training Bibliography


  1. OSUT Course 19D Cavalry Scout                                     Ft. Knox, KY

  2. Air Assault Course                                                          Ft. Hood, TX

  3. Rappel Master Course                                                     Ft. Hood, TX

  4. Warrior Leaders Course                                                   Ft. Hood, TX

  5. Basic Non Commissioned Officers Course                          Ft. Hood, TX

  6. Basic Airborne Course                                                     Ft. Benning, GA

  7. Special Forces Qualification Course (Weapons SGT)           Ft. Bragg, NC

  8. CQB Special Operations Training                                      Ft. Bragg, NC

  9. Arabic Language Course                                                  Ft. Bragg, NC

  10. Combat Drivers Course                                                    Key West, FL

  11. Static Line Jumpmaster                                                   Ft. Campbell, KY

  12. Advanced NCO Course w/ Operations and Intelligence        Ft. Bragg, NC

  13. Diver Supervisors Course                                                 Little Creek Amphibious Base

  14. Achilles Dagger                                                               Ft. Campbell, KY

Andy Marchal

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