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Youth Skill Development and EducationPrograms

The Rockcastle Club is committed to providing continuing education and skills development in all aspects of life, to members of all ages.  Youth Skill Development and Education Programs range from Gun Safety and Basic Marksmanship to Camping and Survival, and even many skills that will assist our youth in living a knowledgeable and responsible life, like changing tires or woodworking, to name a few.  Available classes are listed by date below, and according to age group.  At the bottom of this page is your contact information to find out more about the classes being offered.

2019 Youth Classes, Schedule and Dates

Presented by:

  • TAKE ME OUTDOORS!!  Location:  Gander Outdoors/ Camping World, Bowling Green, Kentucky  Date: TBD

    • Take Me Fishing, Take Me Camping, Take Me Hunting, Just Take Me Outside!  This is a full day of instructional seminars at the Gander Outdoors/ Camping World Store in Bowling Green,Kentucky.  TAKE ME OUTDOORS is the official launch of a fun filled summer of Youth Skill Development Courses at The Rockcastle Club that will include a variety of short seminars, activities and games to introduce young people to the outdoors, and to introduce the community to learning opportunities through the Rockcastle Cub Development Academy and our Partners in Gander Outdoors and Camping World.

    • TAKE ME OUTDOORS is open to boys and girls between the ages of 10 and 18.  Parents or guardians are encouraged to attend and participate in the activities of the event.

    • The Basic Seminars of TAKE ME OUTDOORS are designed to introduce or advance the participants knowledge in many aspects of the outdoors, including:  Take Me Fishing, Take Me Hunting, Take Me Camping, Basic Wilderness Survival, Take Me Shooting, Take Me to the River, and other classes.

    • Participation in TAKE ME OUTDOORS is FREE!

    • For More Information Call Amber Lyons at Rockcastle (270) 749-4101

  • Firearms Safety 101  Location: Rockcastle Shooting Center, Park City, Kentucky  Date:  TBD

    • This is the heart of safe handling, use, and storage of Firearms, that every young person needs to know, whether there are guns in the home or not!

    • Firearms Safety 101 covers the essentials, the enjoyment, the safety and the dangers of firearms handling and use.

    • Firearms Safety 101 is FREE, in an effort to spread the knowledgeable, safe use firearms and to encourage future participation in the shooting sports.

    • Firearms Safety 101 is open to all boys and girls between the ages of 8 and 18.  Parents and/or Guardians are encouraged to attend.

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