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Ranges and Rates

  • Walk-ins and Non-members are welcome for $10 per hour, or $40 for the day.

  • Memberships begin at $150 per year for an individual. Visit the Rates and Memberships page for more information.

  • Training and Education opportunities vary in cost depending on the course and number of shooters.  Visit the Training and Education page for more information.


  • There are 5 square shooting bays near the lodge with a max. distance of 50 yds.  

  • Doe Valley, max. distance of 100 yds.

  • Red Barn Range, max. distance 750 yds.

  • Invictus Range, max. distance 150 yds.

  • Cowboy Town, max. distance 200 yds., covered


  • Doe Valley, max. distance 100 yds, shooting benches

  • Red Barn Range, max. distance 750 yds., shooting benches

  • Pistol Mountain, max. distance 250 yds.

  • Invictus Range, max. distance 150 yds.

  • Cowboy Town, max. distance 200 yds., covered

  • Thunder Valley, max. distance 1600 yd.  (Primarily reserved for Members only, Military, Law Enforcement, and  Corporate Research and Development.  Non-members are allowed to use the range, if they are accompanied by a member)

Cave Mountain Clays, Sporting Clays, 5 Stand, Wobble Trap:

  • Brand New Course, Cave Mountain Clays, 12 Station, 100 Target Sporting Clay Course

  • Brand New, Cave Mountain Clays, 25 Target 5-Stand, 6 Trap machines

  • Brand New Wobble Trap, Cave Mountain Clays, Open Now, $00.50 per clay

3D Archery:

  • 20 Target I.B.O Style course (Rinehart 3D targets, never more than 1 years old) 


**Most of the ranges are Handicap Accessible, Trac Chair available for use, call if you have questions or need assistance.

**All shooting activities at Rockcastle require registration and the signing of a waiver of liability.

**Rifle Calibers of .50 BMG require a Rockcastle membership, and a quick safety check and briefing with Rockcastle Staff.

**Steel core ammunition is never allowed on steel targets.

Please give us a call if you have special requirements for your shooting activity, or have questions about firearms and devices that can or cannot be used on Rockcastle grounds.



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